The perfect community starts with the perfect house

Over the past few months, it’s fair to say we have all learnt more about the value of a tight-knit local community than we have in the last few decades.

Altin Homes

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Over the past few months, it’s fair to say we have all learnt more about the value of a tight-knit local community than we have in the last few decades.

We have seen the colourful rainbows in the windows to celebrate the hard work of the NHS, the positive messages of hope in community groups, and the way that households have looked out for one another – especially for those shielding at this time.

At Altin Homes, we understand these to be exceptional circumstances. But we also know how this community feel is important to keep when moving forward.

That’s why all of our developments –including our Bijou Collection’s Bank Farm Grove in Holmes Chapel – are built in a way that promotes togetherness with neighbours.

After all, that feeling of your road, cul-de-sac, or street providing sanctity and support as your safe haven can never be undervalued.


The local community you share with your neighbours should be nothing short of a sanctity – a place you can escape to after leaving the office, or relax in after returning from a holiday.

We believe this feeling starts with the home. For example, while each of Bank Farm Grove’s luxurious family properties has bespoke elements tailormade to that individual house, there is a strong sense of consistency throughout the properties’ styles – this being modern, spacious, and high-quality.

In a similar way, the greenery outside the front of the house is fluid between properties with hedges or high-design metal railings to separate plots where needed.

This creates a brilliant sense of flow throughout the development, complemented by natural, aesthetic features.


As social beings, we crave getting together with others to share experiences. And while this might not be fully possible right now, it will be soon.

Therefore, a local community that fosters social interactions and general friendliness is important for parents and children alike – whether it’s popping over for the spare keys, the occasional street party or children walking home from school together.

With each of Bank Farm Grove’s properties boasting four bedrooms, they are perfect for families who might have children of a similar age or parents with similar interests.

Safe haven

A close-knit community can also be a safer community – one in which households look out and care for each other, and where anything that doesn’t look quite right is spotted and dealt with immediately.

Bank Farm Grove being a cul-de-sac development is significant in this way. These types of dead-end roads create a small hub of households that tend to be more secure as it’s easier to know who is coming and going. Additionally, children can play together outside with parents able to look out of the window and check that everything is alright.

Community spirit ultimately boils down to building relationships between households. Developments like Bank Farm Grove contain the type of properties where families can create a future, surrounded by a strong support network.

In all, this makes the difference between a house and a home.