5 of TikTok’s best hacks for keeping your home organised

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Tiktok has taken over in 2021. There are thousands of videos racking up millions of views, mostly of dance trends, makeup tutorials and all kinds of things to occupy your time. 

However, the platform has since produced another trend – cleaning. The #cleaninghacks hashtag has amassed a massive three billion views, and #OrganizingTiktok rakes in an extra 1.6billion. The “CleanTok” community has become a haven for cleaning enthusiasts or people who just like watching hours of homes being scrubbed and organised to perfection.  

So we scoured through and found some of the best hacks out there…

Find your own way. 

One of the best parts about TikTok organisation videos is that there are so many! That means it’s even easier to find a method of keeping the home ocean and tidy that suits you. Even if your method doesn’t make sense to someone else.


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♬ original sound – Catieosaurus

Label everything.

If you’ve dabbled at all with the organisation side of Tiktok, then there’s a good chance you’ve already been convinced to buy a label maker. There’s something so satisfying about seeing rows of containers, complete with pretty labels showing you exactly what you have on hand. You can do it everywhere around your home, from spice jars to makeup organizers. Not only does it add a nice aesthetic to your cupboards, but it also makes life just a little bit easier.

Drawer Organisers

We’re all guilty of throwing things in the drawer because it’s “out of sight, out of mind,” However, a messy drawer does not help everyday efficiency. You can buy mix and match acrylic dividers so all your bits and bobs have somewhere snug to live. 

Double your hangers

One of the easiest tips from TikTok can help save you a LOT of wardrobe space. Simply hook two coat hangers together with the tab from a can on pop!

File Folding

If you’ve watched Marie Kondo, the queen of clean, you’ll be well aware of “file folding”. Folding towels, sheets and t-shirts upright allows you to see everything you own in a single glance. Colour code from light to dark for added organization and visual satisfaction.

If you have a hack to share with us, please share it over at @altinluxury on Instagram (we haven’t quite made it to TikTok yet!). If you’re looking for more home inspiration, head over to our portfolio to see all our previous properties!